Ek om kar ka mahatam

This soothing chant is the first composition of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The sacred scripture — Guru Granth Sahib begins with this mantra and it appears more than times throughout the text where it is placed at the beginning of the particular Shabad.

It is a brief composition encompassing the entire universally complex theology of the Sikh faith. It has political, religious, social, logical, martial and eternal implication for human existence; a truly humanitarian and global concept of the Supreme power for all to appreciate and understand. Additionally, this mantra expresses the Sikh metaphysics — the belief in the nature of being and reality, and the relationship of the Universe and individuals.

Sikhs consider that there is only one Supreme Being. That is to say that all religions in the world pray to the same God. This also disagrees with religions like Hinduism that have hundreds or thousands of Gods. You have to understand the Sikh concept of truth to understand this idea. Essentially, the Ultimate Truth is considered to be something that is not only momentarily true but always has been and always will be. Under this definition, God is the only truth.

God is considered to be the only thing that has always been and will always be, and who makes everything happen. He destroys everything and creates everything. This is quite a simple but potent idea, that God is omnipotent and everything happens under his Will. God is fearless. This would make sense as he is omnipotent. He loves everyone equally and ensures the best for everybody. God was never born and will never die. As said before, God is the only thing that always has been and always will be.

ek om kar ka mahatam

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Ek Omkar Satnam

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ek Omkar? Lionchild SPNer. May 16, 11 34 Vernon, BC Canada. Can anyone explain? Re: Ek "omkar"???? The word is Oankaar The Hindu word is OM - not omkaar Guru ji saya Oankaar brahma utpat Sher Singh SPNer.

Nov 11, 90 1 30 Surrey. I heard that too, while I was in india a couple of years ago during my mumma ji's wedding.

Aug 19, 62 Fremont, California. There are two ways it is pronounced. Most of the time it is pronounced ek oankaar.

Ek Onkar - Miss Pooja - Shabad Gurbani

But a few times it is spelled out ekankaar as in Mehela Gatha, ang pg see ekankaar naam or dharang. But in Ramkali somewhere it is spelled out ek oankar utpat. Arvind SPNer. Jul 13, 2, 48 Canada. Kaur ji, I see some writings as Ik-Ong-Kaar too. Do you know any basis for that. I am used to pronounce this as Ik-oankaar though.

Arvind said:. Gyani Jarnail Singh said:. Thanks for the clarification, so it's "Ek Onkar", without a m. BTW, what's the meaning? Thats as far as my limited understanding goes. Jarnail singh gyani. Pukandi Baba SPNer.Sc 1st year, B.

ek om kar ka mahatam

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ek om kar ka mahatam

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ek om kar ka mahatam

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Pharm degree is mandatory for the M. Pharm course.Forums New posts. Vidoes New media New comments. Library Latest reviews. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter sajsikh Start date Jul 2, Replies 34 Reads 14K Tags ek onkar ekankaar god god in sikhism guru khalsa name of god nirgun oankaar onkar pure rabb sargun sikh sikhi sikhism waheguru.

Jul 1, 14 1. Yes it is my first question. As in japuji saheb first two words are "ek onkar satnam" and correct me if i am wrong it means "ek onkar satnam is his only true name". So i want to ask who used the word "waheguru" first among our gurus. And what is the meaning of it. Is waheguru the name of god or some reference word towards god. Any link to the source would be appericiated as only a good reference is most of the time satisfactory.

I am looking at origin and use of the aforementioned. Randip Singh Writer. May 25, 2, 2, 51 United Kingdom.

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Re: What is name of god as per sikhism ek onkar or waheguru sajsikh said:. Re: What is name of god as per sikhism ek onkar or waheguru Thank You Ranjit Singh ji for your quick response. I know the meaningbut going through some "STEAKS -japuji saheb with meanings " has written the meaning "ek onkar hi osda sacha naam hai".It is a symbol of the unity of God in Sikhismmeaning God is One or One God, [7] [8] It is found in the Gurmukhi script [9] and is found in all religious scriptures and places such as gurdwaras.

Derived from Punjabiand is consequently also part of the Sikh morning prayerJapji Sahib. It is also the opening phrase of the Mul Mantarpresent as opening phrase in the Guru Granth Sahiband the first composition of Guru Nanak. Further, the Mul Mantar is also at the beginning of the Japji Sahibfollowed by 38 hymns and a final Salok at the end of this composition. Ik Onkar is the statement of oneness in Sikhismthat is 'there is one God'. The phrase is a compound of the numeral one ik and onkarstates Doniger, canonically understood in Sikhism to refer to "absolute monotheistic unity of God".

While the Onkar of Sikhism is held by some non-Sikh scholars to be related to Om in Hinduism, [3] Sikhs do not believe that Ik Onkar is the same as Om[3] [13] "that the meaning of Oankar in the Sikh tradition is quite different in certain respects from the various interpretations of this word in the Indian philosophical traditions," [13] and "rather view Oankar as pointing to the distinctively Sikh theological emphasis on the ineffable quality of God, who is described as "the Person beyond time," the Eternal One, or "the One without form.

Oankar 'One, whose expression emerges as Primal Sound' created Brahma. Oankar fashioned the consciousness. From Oankar came mountains and ages. Oankar produced the Vedas. By the grace of Oankarpeople were saved through the divine word. By the grace of Oankarthey were liberated through the teachings of the Guru.

That is, the numeral '1' affirms that the Supreme Being is one without a second, the source as well as the goal of all that exists. That is quite evident from the following statement: 'My Master Sahib is the One. He is the One, brother, and He alone exists' AG In a particularly striking instance, Guru Arjan employs the cognates of the Punjabi word ikk 'One' five time in a single line of his Asa hymn to make an emphatic statement of oneness of the Supreme Being: 'By itself the One is just One, One and only One, and the One is the source of all creation.

Other common terms for the one supreme reality alongside Ik Oankar, dating from the Gurus' time include the most commonly used term, [13] Akal Purakh"Eternal One," in the sense of Nirankar"the One without form," and Waheguru "Wonderful Sovereign". InAir India launched a direct flight from London to Amritsar with Ik Onkar printed in golden colour with a red background, on the tail of a Boeing Dreamliner aircraft.

The plane was launch ahead of th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ek Onkar. Main article: Mul Mantar. Sikhism photpack. Fu Ltd.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) Latest Exam Results

Archived from the original on 25 July Retrieved 12 August Merriam-Webster's encyclopedia of world religions. Retrieved Retrieved 20 September It is used at the beginning of prayers and holy recitations, and also at the beginning of writing respectful salutations. The unmanifest, God in power, the holy word, the primal manifestation of Godhead by which and in which all live, move and have their being and by which all find a way back to Absolute God.

God is the Supreme Reality. GGS, p. GGS, pp. The mystic name of God. Sacred Texts photopack. Folens Limited.There is one reality, truth is only one: Ek Omkar Satnam.

Ek Omkar - Shiva

And, says Nanak, the name of this one is Omkar. All other names are given by man: Ram, Krishna, Allah. These are all symbols and all created by man. Why Omkar? It is not a man-made tune but the melody of existence.

It is the resonance of the being of existence. It is like a waterfall: you sit beside a waterfall and you hear its song but the sound is created by the water hitting against the rocks. Sit by a river and listen to its sound; it is caused by the river striking against the banks. We need to go deeper to understand things. Science tries to break down the whole of existence. What it first discovered was energy in the form of electricity, and then charged particles like the electron of which all of existence is made.

Electricity is only a form of energy. If we ask a scientist what sound is made of, he will say that it is nothing but waves of electricity, waves of energy.

So energy is at the root of everything. The sages say the same thing; they are in agreement with the scientists except for a slight difference of language. Sages have come to know that all existence is created out of sound, and sound is only an expression of energy. Existence, sound, energy — all are one. The approach of science is to analyse and break things down, to reach the conclusion.

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The wind rises creating a murmur in the branches of the tree, a collision of air against the leaves. When the musician plays a chord on an instrument, the sound is produced by a blow. All sound is produced by an impact, and an impact requires two — the strings of the instrument and the fingers of the musician.

Two are necessary to form any sound. His name is the resonance that remains when all dualities have faded and cease to exist. Within this indivisible whole you come across this resonance. When a person reaches the state of samadhi, Omkar resounds within him. He hears it resounding inside him and all around him; all creation seems to be vibrating with it. He refers to the name a great deal.

None of the names given by man can carry you very far. If they do go some distance towards Him, it is only because of some slight shadow of Omkar within them. There is a great difference between the two, though both contain the same original root. The name of that supreme existence is as true as a mathematical formula and as real as any work of art; it is as beautiful as a dream and as correct as a scientific formula; it contains the emotions of the heart, and the knowledge and experience of the mind.

Where the mind and the heart meet, religiousness begins. If the mind overpowers the heart, science is born. If the heart overpowers the head, the realm of art is entered: poetry, music, song, painting, sculpture. But if head and heart are united, you enter into Omkar. Abridged from The True Name. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

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